About Me

Miles travelled

My first big backpack

I got my first taste of living out of a big backpack when I was 12 years old. Me, my dad, and my dog Guinness headed off on a wild camp – carrying everything we’d need for two days of walking and an overnight camp in the woods.

I loved adventuring when I was younger – walking, camping, climbing – and I’d like to say that’s why I now enjoy travelling the world and living out of a (admittedly slightly bigger) bag!

My first backpack

Journo Ann

I found my love for journalism years ago and scored an apprenticeship working for my local paper in October 2017.

During that time, Steel City Sofa was launched- a short series of video interviews with various people living and working in Sheffield.

That’s when I realised I wanted to pursue being in front of the camera- sharing my own perspective on life and telling other people’s stories.

First journalism job
Early 2019

Big changes

In 2019 I successfully completed my journalism apprenticeship, qualifying as a trainee journalist. I also saw my boyfriend Adam graduate with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

From there, I left my job to pursue my online business as a freelance copywriter full time. I was craving the freedom of working for myself, and the ability to balance my own time.

I also desperately needed the extra hours in the day to start planning our very first backpacking trip, which was set for late October…

Something Specially New

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Late 2019

The first adventure

We set off on our very first backpacking adventure in October 2019. We planned to travel for a year, but hey, that was before the coronavirus outbreak – you can find our more about that on my blog pages.

Our first destination was Spain, which was a nice first stop-off before travelling to Japan, where the fun really started.

Since then we’ve visited Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, recording it all for my YouTube channel.


Somewhere inbetween

As you can probably guess if you haven’t been living under a rock, our first big backpacking trip was cut very short due to the coronavirus. We decided to come home after isolating in Kuala Lumpur for two weeks, and are now just waiting the whole thing out.

That being said, we have absolutely no plans to stop travelling – we’re taking this time to plan our next trip, build our online presence and share our tips on how to plan your very own backpacking trip. Stay tuned…

Travelling home during the coronavirus pandemic